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Reviews 3 Autodesk Revit is an essential software for architects, constructors and design engineers for building design and complex process of construction management. It enables proper coordination among included disciplines and ensures fast and effective communication on the project. The Autodesk Revit release is included into some Autodesk suites of tools and is available as a standalone product to meet specific needs of the project. What are the new features of Autodesk Revit ? The new solution supports global parameters for embedding design project intent with its wide parameters.

Improved application performance due to advanced core. Now it works faster, delays in design due to software slow down are eliminated. Thus efficiency is boosted. Family visibility project preview allows to create families inside a project setting strict parameters of a desired behavior. Advanced text layout and editing options ensure improved documentation process.

Now any project documentation is developed in a click and is easily customized to the requirements of the project. Improved flexibility of annotation tags allows creating tags with precise calculations.

Dynamical programming interface provides enhanced programming environment for simpler and easier visibility and scaling of the entire project. Combination of parameters is now supported. Various parameter values are displayed in a single cell. Depth can be added to the elevations and project layout sections.

Advanced railing placement allows to model and perform a railing as it is planned to operate in real world. Advanced Raytracer Rendering Engine for more accurate and faster reviewing and rendering.

Autodesk Revit includes Insight for optimization of building performance. Improved structural connectivity ensuring correct connection of design and engineering detailing workflows. Advanced structural foundations ensure simple adding of structural columns to footing of a project building or to a foundation of a construction. Improved processes of fabrication as simple conversions of designs to fabrications, better and faster documentation generation, improved layouts for fabrications.

The Autodesk Revit release has got enhanced tools for designing of modules which ensure better communication and comprehension of engineering design data. Autodesk Revit is a must use software for scaled projects for building and construction. Due to integration with other interrelated domain Autodesk tools the application ensures complete coverage of all stages of product development from presentation of the ideas to non-expert audience to setting and managing the realization of the project.

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Autodesk Smoke Visual Effects Software Review By - October 26, Introduced at NAB , Autodesk's Smoke was a surprise darling of the show, dazzling us with not only a fresh new interface, but also a new price that is reduced by more than 75 percent compared to last year's version of the software. To those who have yet to formally meet Smoke, it is an all-in-one tool for editing and finishing effects and color correction, primarily , and it's always been a good one.

Well, all that's changed. Aimed at current Avid Media Composer , Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects users, Smoke makes a compelling case to be added to your set of programs by providing powerful tools, established keyboard shortcuts and a familiar interface, thanks to its new timeline editing interface.

Where this tool is interesting is that it has depth at many portions of the production pipeline that few other tools can match. Have they hit the mark with this ambitious new version of the software? Let's put it through the paces and see.

The Product Still in pre-release, Autodesk is working out a few small bugs in Smoke, but this isn't your normal beta phase. Anybody interested in trying the software can download the current pre-release version four, as of this story's publication date and use it without limitation until the full version is released. We testers are also encouraged to submit suggestions and report bugs and crashes as we find them. So it costs less, you can test drive it for months, and you get to help Autodesk decide what the full release will be.

As of pre-release version three, however, this is no longer an issue, so feel free trying out Smoke on a current project. Impressions After spending some time in Montreal with Ferguson, I got to see Smoke do some things that I might not have stumbled upon during my own testing. After a dazzling demo, I was anxious to try Smoke for myself. What I really appreciate about the program is that Smoke can stand alone as a good all-in-one tool, or can fit into nearly any portion of your production workflow.

For example, I found myself using it for a lot of compositing, as its masking and keying tools are sensational. Getting Started The installation of Smoke was a straightforward download-double-click and follow instructions to install, but it should be noted that when prompted to choose a location for a media folder, be sure to choose a drive other than your boot disk.

This is similar to scratch discs in Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, and it's critical to the performance of the program that this be an appropriate second drive.

One thing to note when creating a new project is having a choice of format for intermediate renders. Where Smokes of old only worked with huge, uncompressed DPX files for rendering, it now offers up a variety of ProRes formats to choose from.

Next you'll click your way through to the new interface. It has some very standard elements. On the left is the Media Library, at the bottom is the timeline, and top center and right are the standard monitors. Each is unmoveable, but they can be resized to your liking. What you do with Smoke from this point is up to you. Importing media to do your work within Smoke entirely, or finishing off a project cut in another application are both options.

I should mention that while testing earlier pre-releases, I had a bit of trouble importing an exported Adobe Premiere Pro XML file, though this seems to work much more smoothly in the third pre-release version. Again, this isn't a final version and I'm sure Autodesk will iron out many wrinkles well before showtime. The folks at Autodesk followed up with our report and said that "this has been updated for pre-release three and there are numerous tutorials and notes online to address this.

As a longtime user of stacked effects, learning Smoke's extremely deep effects system — including the wildly powerful and deep Connect FX system for combining effects — was daunting and could quickly overwhelm one who doesn't stay organized in his or her approach. It felt like I could go as far down a creative rabbit hole as I wanted with effects, but I had to remember where I was or I could get lost. Of course, enough depth to get in over my head is welcome.

I compare the Smoke learning curve to that of Adobe After Effects — with a familiar interface and toolset it won't take editors and motion graphic designers long to get comfortable and relatively efficient with the software, but to truly master Smoke is going to be a long journey. Luckily, even with such a deep level of potential complexity, the wealth of online resources to help get users up to speed is impressive. For a piece of software that does more than pretty much any other single application in this space, this is good news.

Conclusion While still considerably more expensive and less intuitive than Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Smoke offers something unique — an all-in-one editing and finishing program. You'll be looking to add additional tools such as After Effects, a 3D app and some plug-ins for your various tasks, but Smoke includes all the tools you will require in one program. If you start to look at the cost of building out a comparable system with competing software and plug-ins, the price doesn't seem too outrageous.

As for the intuitive part, this is a big, strong piece of professional software, and it can do many things extremely well. A learning curve is to be expected. Add all of this up, along with the ability to slide happily into an existing workflow or take it over entirely makes it a real contender in the post-production editing arena.

With it's lower price it finally gets to contend with a much larger marketplace. Tech Specs Version Reviewed: Pre-release Trial v. Apple Mac Operating System: US keyboard required to map hotkeys Demo Version: Until full-version release Strengths.


Autodesk Smoke 2013

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