Where to buy Buy Cheap Lynda.com - Foundations of Photography: Macro and Close-Up

Buy Cheap Lynda.com - Foundations of Photography: Macro and Close-Up

Mar 29, - 1. Close-Up Shooting. 2m 21s. Understanding minimum focus distance. 3m 55s. Comparing wide lens and telephoto. 1m 55s. Understanding depth of field and focus. 2m 11s. Working with extension tubes. 4m 30s. Working with close-up lenses. 5m 41s. Jul 21, - A great way to expand your photographic horizons is to get close—very close. With macro and close-up photography, you can discover new. Ben Long is an award-winning photographer and senior editor at Macworld magazine. Ben is a San Photography Foundations: Macro and Close-Up. Preview.

Your cursor is automatically located in the Home position A1. Do not move it to accommodate titles, field headers, or anything else. It must be positioned in A1. The data begins in A1 and ends in G Continue this process until the data in all workbooks are copied into your April Report spreadsheet. Do not copy the formulas or the formats. Just copy the data and run the macro. After the data is calculated, you can Insert Rows to add column headers, spreadsheet titles, and other information.

Then you can format the column widths, change fonts, add attributes, and place borders or boxes if you'd like. You can also create an additional macro to perform formatting tasks. Using the mouse to navigate is more complicated and not as reliable. When it comes to macros, use the mouse only for selecting or clicking menu options.

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