Cheapest price Buy Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Pro Cheap

Buy Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Pro Cheap

Then, choose a template. I tested two templates: Then, choose an output, which can either be the IIS server or a disk-based file. I used the latter. Next, cue the starting video and click Start, which turns to the Stop button that you see in the figure after you start the broadcast. Overall, none of the software-based live encoders are that hard to operate, and Expression Encoder 4 should be well within the capabilities of most video producers or encoding professionals.

You also have to create the HTML5 page by hand or in another program. To create an on-demand broadcast for either Silverlight or iDevices, you can archive the files created during a live event, host a simulated live event just to create the files, or create the files in another new tool from Microsoft, IIS Transform Manager, which I did not review. In my initial trial, I tested the H. I used an interlaced SD source from a DV camera for these trials.

I used the canned presets for simplicity and ease of duplication should I need to test on different computers later. Video quality was generally very good, though there were noticeable deinterlacing artifacts in motion sequences that involved lots of sharp edges. I checked my deinterlacing options and noticed that Bob was my only option, though I could disable it. I asked the Microsoft rep about deinterlacing quality and was told about a new technique, selective blend, that will be added to the aforementioned service pack.

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Buy Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Pro Cheap price

Buy Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Pro

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