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Oct 30, - The Microsoft MapPoint Control is an ActiveX control in Microsoft MapPoint that enables you to embed maps in your applications seamlessly. You can use this control to leverage the complete functionality of the MapPoint object model in your applications. Microsoft MapPoint North America with GPS Locator - box pack - 1 PC overview and full product specs on CNET. Yes, surprisingly Microsoft MapPoint has been released a few weeks before Microsoft Streets and Trips And honestly, all the MapPoint users do.

Arrive on time. Optimize your trip. Quickly calculate mileage, drive time, and expenses in advance. Easy-to-see navigation. Track your route in real-time in Full Screen display. Change to the special Night Map display with a single click.

I always wanted to see Paris at night. MapPoint makes it easy to use maps in combination with your Microsoft Office documents: Tell a story, visually.

Insert maps into Word documents and PowerPoint presentations to illustrate everything from sales performance and customer locations to new business opportunities. Extend your business. It is recommended that you maximize Microsoft MapPoint so that you take full advantage of your screen.

Notice all the toolbars across the top. The slider is a zoom slider. Try sliding this and you will see that MapPoint zooms in and out. To the right of the zoom slider are two buttons that control MapPoint's zoom and pan behavior. The left one lets you drag-select a zoom window with your mouse.

The one on the right lets you pan the map by "grabbing" it click on the map with the left mouse button and dragging it. Personally I prefer the pan option, but the choice is yours. The legend and overview is to the left. The overview shows you which part of the Earth you are currently looking at. In the above map this might be obvious, but when you zoom in, it is easy to get lost.

Notice the Drawing Tools tool bar which is usually along the bottom. This has a variety of shapes and a pushpin symbol. This toolbar is often switched off by default in later versions of MapPoint, but these include the pushpin symbol on one of the other toolbars. Finding a Location To the left of the zoom slider is the Find box. Click on this and type "San Francisco" and press "Enter".

You will be presented with the Find Dialog Box see image. This dialog box lists the possible matches for "San Francisco", with the most likely option first. Notice that the main MapPoint display has zoomed to this first option the city of San Francisco. This is a very useful dialog box. It can also be used to find locations by address try finding your house or by longitude,latitude coordinate try entering a coordinate from a GPS unit.

We were looking for the city of San Francisco. Make sure that "San Francisco" is selected and press OK. The map remains zoomed to San Francisco, with the city selected. A pushpin is a marker for a particular location. There are a variety of different symbols available for pushpins. They can also have names and text associated with them.

If the pushpins were loaded from an external data source such as a database, then they may also have additional data fields. A pushpin set is simply a group of pushpins.

Typically they have been loaded into MapPoint from the same source, but this is not necessarily the case. MPMileCharter uses pushpins to identify the required input locations. MileCharter also requires two pushpin sets: You may use the same pushpin set for both the start and end locations, and this is what we will do here. This will produce a "road atlas" style mileage chart with the same pushpins being used for both the start and end locations.

Click on the pushpin symbol on the tool bar. Then click on San Francisco's circle symbol. This will insert a pushpin on San Francisco see accompanying image.

Reverse Geocoding with C# and MapPoint 2009

Download source code - MapPoint does not use a Web Service. All data is stored locally, on the user's machine. From my research, MapPoint provides the most economical solution to perform a reverse geocode locally. The download is a whopping 1. MapPoint does not include.


Microsoft MapPoint - Mapping Customers and Route Optimization

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