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Nov 26,  · Easier POI capture. New menu option from pocketgps. TTG V only oukeph.me Please note: This is NOT a . Jun 14,  · Is v an earlier version? How did you know which version to order? Feb 01,  · I'm running XP and have the standard ms moviemaker and media player installed but can't work out how to save screenshoots. Anyone know of a free.

Contribution, responsibility and mission of geography on China's urbanization development. Scientia Geographica Sinica, , 38 3: Impacts of future climate change on urban flood volumes in Hohhot in northern China: Benefits of climate change mitigation and adaptations. Situated lifestyles: How lifestyles change along with the level of urbanization and what the greenhouse gas implications are: A study of Finland.

Environmental Research Letters, , 8 2: The impacts of urban density, housing type and motorization on the greenhouse gas emissions of the middle income consumers in Finland. Environmental Research Letters, , 8 3: Spatial differentiation patterns of carbon emissions from residential energy consumption in small and medium-sized cities: A case study of Kaifeng.

Geographical Research, , 35 8: Spatiotemporal variations of urban CO2 emissions in China: A multiscale perspective. Applied Energy, , The effect of traffic facilities accessibility on household commuting caused carbon emission: A case study of Wuhan city, China.

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Journal of Transport Geography, , A spatial typology of human settlements and their CO2 emissions in England. Global Environmental Change, , 34 9: The influence mechanism of travel-related CO2 emissions from the perspective of residential self-selection: A case study of Guangzhou.

Acta Geographica Sinica, , 73 2: Examining the dual-levels impact of neighbourhood and individual variables on car use on weekdays in Guangzhou. Acta Geographica Sinica, , 72 8: How the present would have looked like? Impact of non-motorized transport and public transport infrastructure on travel behavior, energy consumption and CO2 emissions: Delhi, Pune and Patna. Exploring transport carbon futures using population microsimulation and travel diaries: Beijing to Transport Research: Part D, , 37 5: Comparative analysis on CO2 emission per household in daily travel based on spatial behavior constraints.

Scientia Geographica Sinica, , 31 7: Spatial differentiation of daily travel carbon emissions in small- and medium-sized cities: An empirical study in Kaifeng, China. Journal of Cleaner Production, , 6: The impact of neighborhood spatial form on household carbon emissions: Based on the study in Beijing.

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Human Geography, , 33 1: Influencing factors and spatial distribution of the characteristic towns in Zhejiang province. Scientia Geographica Sinica, , 38 8: Acta Scientae Circumstantiae, , 35 6: The impact of built environment on well-being of older adults under different geographic contexts [J].

Nov 26,  · Easier POI capture. New menu option from pocketgps. TTG V only oukeph.me Please note: This is NOT a . Jun 14,  · Is v an earlier version? How did you know which version to order? Feb 01,  · I'm running XP and have the standard ms moviemaker and media player installed but can't work out how to save screenshoots. Anyone know of a free.

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Cap On: Places Munzees cannot be deployed within a mile of the same type, but can be deployed within a mile of another type. You cannot cap your own Places munzee. You will deploy Places munzees from your account, so you will get the points when people cap it. These may be capped by players once per MHQ 24 hour time period so there is potential for a lot of cap-on points. Places munzees are not blastable. Can be captured once per 24 hour MHQ day by players. There are a limited amount of each type of Places munzees for sale.

For quicker approval, descriptively name your Places deploy so we can easily tell if it fits the criteria. When deploying your Places munzee look for a designated icon on Google Maps. This makes the approval process much easier. Deploy your Places munzee at entrances and other areas that are easily accessible for other players. For example, don't deploy your Stadium Places munzee in the middle of the field. If your Places munzee deploy is declined, you will receive a brief explanation as to why in the followup email.

Even if your location was available at the time of deployment it may be taken by another player who selected that location before you. Previous deploys will remain, but going forward from this date there will be no more allowed.

Places Type Criteria: Most major international, national and regional airports will be accepted. Field and SeaPlane runways will be accepted, if designated as official on Google Maps. The Airport must be active and in use. No military bases will be accepted. No heliports will be accepted. Most Major and Minor League Sports stadiums will be accepted. No country clubs or resorts will be accepted. Zoos, Aquariums, Conservation Facilities, etc will be accepted. The space must be open to the public for tours and include animals.

Botanical gardens will not be accepted. Viewing centers will not be accepted. All locations must be permanent, so no traveling zoos or attractions. Petting Zoos are allowed as long as they are a permanent attractions. Adoption facilities will not be accepted. Most local, national and international museums will be accepted. History, science and art museums are all acceptable. No statues or singular landmarks. No historical sites, unless they have a major museum component. Most Importantly: Please no college annex buildings at grade schools common in parts of the US.

Only 1 University Places Munzee will be allowed per campus. Can not be deployed at "Little Free Libraries". Cemeteries will not be accepted. Churches will not be accepted as they have their own place type. First Responder: Hospitals will not count for this type. No urgent care facilities will be accepted.

Post Office: Mailboxes will not be accepted. Government postal carriers only Cemetery: No funeral homes or crematoriums will be accepted. Should be placed at tourist traps Look for places you would want to take a photo in front of to share on social media For ideas on what we are looking for, check out this site: Munzee Virtual Gardens are player created works of art based on virtual Munzee deploys. Only one Place is allowed per garden, and the garden must contain a minimum of 50 virtual type Munzees.

These have a smaller proximity radius than other Places Munzees at 0. Add a link to the map in the munzee details so players can see the garden.

Also, if there is a spreadsheet associated with the garden, link it in the description so others can help grow it! Stage theatres will not be accepted Transportation: These include train and bus stations, as well as subway or rail line stops.

Bus stops will not be accepted. Play Park: National Parks, Amusement Parks and school playgrounds will not be accepted. No indoor businesses.


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