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roxio toast 11 titanium

Toast 18 Titanium makes it easier than ever to burn, copy, capture, edit, convert, and share digital media. Toast 18 Titanium is a valuable collection of digital media apps for Mac, and includes Blu-ray Disc authoring, photo editing tools, and more!Brand: Roxio. Toast 18 Titanium The #1 digital media suite and DVD burner for Mac! Everything in one place – access all the tools you need in one suite, where burning is always at the heart of the 64 bit application.; Roxio Secure Burn – encrypt and password-protect discs and USBs.; DVD Authoring – create movies with menus, chapters, and titles using 20+ unique templates. Introducing Roxio Toast 18 Titanium, the preferred CD & DVD burner for Mac! Toast offers complete peace of mind, with industry-leading burning tools and file security, bundled in a digital media management suite that makes it downright simple to capture, copy, burn, and rip your audio and video files. Quickly Consolidate video footage and audio tracks, make fast edits to any project, and Brand: ROXIO.

Today, the latest version is Toast 11 Titanium, and it's a versatile multimedia toolkit that lets you burn, capture, copy, convert and share your digital media, quickly and easily. This expanded brief is reflected in the application's icon, which for the first time has an optical disc in only one toaster slot; the other holds an iPhone 4. But while Toast has long been a near-essential application for Mac users, the last couple of versions struggled to make a convincing case for upgrading if you already had the previous one.

Can Toast 11 Titanium break the mould and appeal to existing users as well as newbies? Owners of PowerPC-based Macs are spared the choice. Toast 11 is Intel only, an entirely predictable move considering how poorly supported Toast 10 was on PPCs.

But if you've an Intel Mac running Leopard or later, the new app brings a wealth of functional and under-the-hood improvements.

It's been rebuilt from the ground up, with a streamlined interface and a faster, more efficient operation. Media browser Toast 11's media browser is now part of the main user interface, but you can pop it out as a separate window if you wish. Project categories are listed at the top of the main screen, with the number of copies and drive selection at its foot instead of on a separate pop-up window.

Fewer processes make for a more streamlined experience. Support for multiple disc burners has been added, and updates are done from within the app. You no longer have to log onto the Roxio website and tediously download the entire suite every time a new version is released.

Toast's video conversion feature now supports a wider range of playback devices than ever before. Alternatively, you can save it out in a specific file format such as H. This could be useful if you want to convert video that will look good on all your particular Apple devices, say. The VideoBoost feature can speed up H. Like iTunes, it lets you add as many tracks as you want for burning and breaks them into the number of CDs needed to do so.

Unlike iTunes, however, you can determine which tracks go on which CDs, as well as apply Audio Units filters to your tracks. Spin Doctor captures audio from apps at 20MB per minute bit stereo at I tested out Spin Doctor capturing music from my iTunes library and from Safari connected to my Napster account. In iTunes, I recorded an Al Green album. Spin Doctor works fairly well defining and identifying music, but still has some rough edges such as the text rendering problems seen here.

When capturing from Napster playback in Safari, I generally had better results. When I clicked the Identify button a second time, it found all the metadata and added it correctly. I also encountered several text rendering and placement problems in the Info tab after recording some audio. Spin Doctor definitely has some cool new features over the previous version, but as far as stability and bugs, it still needs some work.

Other changes Selecting multiple recorders for simultaneous burning. In the Destination pop-up window, instead of picking a particular drive to burn to, you choose the Select Multiple Recorders option. Click the Burn button and a Select Recorders window appears, which lets you choose from the list of connected burners, as well as the number of copies to make per drive as well as the write speed.

The other copy, on the internal drive, burned fine. When I switched to burning just to the external drive, that disc burned perfectly as well. Toast 11Titanium and Toast 11 Pro. Titanium can copy data, convert video from one source format to another, and burn audio, video and data discs for playback on Macs and PCs.

You can also use it publish video directly to YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook and create cross-platform compatible photo-discs. Toast 11 Pro can do everything Toast 11 Titanium does and more. It comes with Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, plus several other applications, plug-ins and audio tweaking tools. Go with Pro for image editing, Blu-Ray and HD video disc authoring, "audio ducking" to alter music and voice-over tracks and remove noise when recording, and options to create soundtracks for movies and slideshows.

This review explores the features available with Toast 11 Titanium. Quality and Effectiveness Every Macintosh comes with Apple's handy Disk Utility to create and burn disk images for backup and archiving purposes.

But for the ability to capture media from a variety of audio and video sources, control over what to do with that media before burning it, and options to create personalized disc labels and case covers, you need the versatile Roxio Toast 11 Titanium.

Toast Titanium can capture streaming video from the Web. Its Spin Doctor companion will capture streaming media from analog or digital e. Capturing audio and video clips from streaming media for export to iTunes or burning to disc is welcome news for teachers and students who want to craft multimedia rich podcasts, vidcasts, tutorials and presentations using data drawn from a variety of sources. Ease of Use Roxio has modified the application's user interface to make the program easier to install.

Simply double-click the installer icon and follow on-screen instructions. When Toast opens, it automatically checks for updates. Users no longer have to visit the Roxio site to login, find the appropriate update and manually download the file for installation.

At startup, the Toast 11 main window presents tools as big bold categories and tab options. Novice users can click the Tutorialsbutton to watch task-oriented videos or read helpful step-by step PDF instructions.

Cheap price Roxio toast 11 titanium

Grab video and music from anywhere-the web, portable devices, discs, LPs, or your Mac Preserve old favorites Digitize and restore your LPs and tapes, without the pops, clicks and hisses. Convert for enjoyment on iPad, iPhone, or your favorite on-the-go-device. Toast can even send it automatically to iTunes for syncing with your favorite device.

Capture streaming web audio Capture any streaming Internet audio on your Mac-without beeps from other apps or system sounds. MusicID automatically adds artist and title tags to captured music for easy syncing to your iTunes library.

Trim start and end points, remove unwanted segments in the middle of video clips before export, or even apply audio effects. Does not copy encrypted or protected content. New for Toast 11, you can copy and preserve DVD subtitles when moving to iPad and iPhone for movie enjoyment in quiet areas.

Copy Mac OS, Toast, and other disc image formats. Mount disc images directly from Finder. Choose the individual DVD movies, audio and languages you want, while maximizing available disc space and video quality. File Recovery for Damaged Discs Don't risk losing vital data. Recover previously unreadable files from damaged discs and copy them onto a new disc along with a list of unrecoverable files.

Some of the data is always better than none! Video quality preview Preview a short clip of your video at selected quality settings in just seconds to ensure the optimal video quality. New in Toast 11, you can set preview durations, start points, and even save them to your desktop. Save time with custom video presets Enjoy a broad selection of included video presets for popular mobile devices, or save new custom video profiles to quickly export video to a device of your choice. Video conversion on your terms Schedule video conversion projects to run when you're away from the computer, and even pause and resume conversions already in progress.

Toast will even automatically tweet your YouTube and Vimeo video links. Support for LightScribe and Labelflash laser etching for on-disc label printing. Create cross-platform photo discs for easy sharing. Publish folders full of video on your Mac and stream them on-the-fly to your DVR without lengthy video conversions for instant viewing.

Archive up to 50 GB on high capacity Blu-ray Discs. Easy search and fast retrieval Automatically catalog your discs as you burn - with photo thumbnails saved on your computer, you can easily preview the contents of your discs and find any file or photo without the disc in the drive.

Every file at your fingertips Toast's convenient Media Browser makes it quick to find the right content for your project. Audio Disc Spanning Audio Disc Spanning, an addition to Toast's unique cross-platform data spanning feature, lets you span audio CD projects across multiple discs, and customize your tracks and discs for the perfect music mix.

Smart folder synchronization Sync up folders bi-directionally - between multiple computers, network volumes, or external hard disks. You can even now create bootable clones of any Mac volume.

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